Yoga can mean SO many different things to people who pursue it. My love for yoga stems from my perspective as a science teacher. In a classroom, I strive to ensure all students’ needs are met and fulfilled. This is one of the BIGGEST reason why I really love yoga so much. It allows ANYONE to come in and give it a try. To me, in one word, yoga is simply versatile.

I utilize my experience as a teacher on the mats, creating a safe space to clear the mind’s of my students and to implement the versatility of yoga. I guide my students to accomplish their needs and goals, all while considering their personal level of practice and previous injuries.

I personally think that just as everyone is a unique individual, yoga can act in a similar way. It all depends on the person. It can be a way to meet new people and socialize, it can physically help someone to stretch out and become more strong and flexible, it can even be just “you” time where you’re carving out time for yourself. It can also even act as therapy, whether it’s mental or physical.

Because I’m a busy athlete, I literally use it for all of the topics listed above and then some (especially after this year)! Anyone and everyone could use a little TLC and yoga could be the answer or at least accompany another form of therapy. Again, versatility.

My question for you is, what does yoga do and mean for you? Comment below 😉

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